The Area

The apartments are located in the town of Primorsko, which is situated on a tongue of land 60 km south of Burgas and approx. 60 km north from the border of Turkey.


We are a Danish couple, who have lived and worked in Bulgaria, but we are now back in Denmark. We fell so much in love with Bulgaria, but especially Primorsko at the Black Sea, which we believe represents everything that is worth experiencing in Bulgaria. Beautiful scenery just outside your door, sunshine, the Black Sea’s best beach, sun-ripened fruits and vegetables, the original Bulgaria encountered locals, good local wine, life and holiday spirit without coming close to what one reads about in the newspaper on drunken trips to Sunny Beach. In spite of that you will not be bored in Primorsko.

The location

According to Politiken’s travel guide, the best beach in Bulgaria is the beach of Primorsko.

Primorsko is a quiet neighborhood within a stone’s throw from the Black Sea (10 minutes walk from the center of the town). The town is a delightful maze of small shops, booths, and cafes. Since the town is small, everything is within walking distance.

A children-friendly town with a newly built indoor water complex.

The building in which the three apartments at Treti Mart Str. are located consists of 12 apartments and has four floors.

The fourth apartment is a part the five star hotel resort “Grand Hotel Primorsko” nearby the sea.

Primorsko is situated on a tongue of land with ocean and beach on both sides. The building is marked on the map.

The city

Primorsko is out of season a small fishing village with 3500 inhabitants 60 km south of Burgas and 60 km north of the Turkey border. It has always been popular for the Bulgarians to hold pioneer camps here in the summertime, also in the past. So several hundred thousand Bulgarians have stayed in Primorsko at least once in their lifetime.

The 10 km long sandy beach is broad and child-friendly, the most beautiful along the coast. In the inner city, there are many restaurants, cafes, bars and discos. But if you f ex rent an apartment a little away from the center (but still within walking distance) you can retire with a bottle of good wine and enjoy the sound from the waves just outside the window, while weak sense the pulse of the city. Primorsko thus differs from the traditional resorts with smaller houses and with the local village life in full bloom.


Primorsko is ideal for family holidays. You can stay the whole day on the wide sandy beach where there is room for ball games, play and places where you can grab a refreshment.

You can go to the aqua park that lie within walking distance from downtown and the beach. A stroll through town is also interesting for both children and adults. On the tour through the city crossing many pancake stalls as you must almost be tempted and sit at sidewalk tables and enjoy the pancakes and the street life.

Street life is colorful and it’s exciting for both children and adults to explore. Many of the stalls that are crossed on the journey through the city offers more than edible, some are obviously junk, but there are also things that we would never encounter at home. Something will mach our grandmother’s time, it can be simple things like soap bubbles, a weight, to be photographed in various costumes, juggling balls etc.

On the way home from town it is a must to visit a fruit and vegetable stall and buy fresh sun-ripened tomatoes, grapes, stunning cherry, well, you name it. Children and grandchildren should learn the taste of the real sun-ripened tomatoes! And the adults can take a few bottles of the local wine to take home.

How to get there

You would typically fly to Burgas, Cimber Sterling flies to Burgas in summer, 2 times a week. It is advisable to decide in good time as there is money to save on airline tickets, the sooner you order (order before Christmas if you are able to!). You can take the bus from the airport to Primorsco about. 25 dkk per person (takes approx. 45 min), or you can take a taxi which costs approx. 200dkk.

If however, you decide late, you can fly Sofia or Varna, which Cimber Sterling also flies at very reasonable prices. From Sofia and Varna there are buses, the bus ride from Sofia takes approx. 6 hours but costs only approx. 130dkk. Buses are frequent and are of excellent standard. You can also rent a car for a very reasonable price and take the opportunity to sightsee Bulgaria. Finally you can take domestic flights from Sofia to Burgas. Yes, there are many possibilities and the prices reasonable. We naturally provide you as much as you like with good advice also on transport.


  • Burgas: approx. 60km
  • Turkish frontier: approx. 60km
  • Istanbul: approx. 340 km. You can also sail during the summer there
  • Varna: approx. 200km
  • Sofia: approx. 400 km
  • Odessa: Boats in summer from Burgas and Varna


Out in nature

Most of the area south of Burgas and down towards the border with Turkey is characterized by totally untouched nature. The many small coves are incredible calm and peacefull, which is in direct contrast to the big resorts.

Pleasant Nature Reserve

At the river Ropotamo (in Greek it means “river with many bends”) just north of Primorsko on the road to Sozopol is a large nature reserve where it is possible to get close to nature. You can sail on the River.
Close to Sozopol is the 62ha large Arkutino-swamp. At a rest area on the right side of the road stands a worn plate, from which one can follow a path. First you head through 70m jungle-like forest.

Strandzja Mountains

Located in southeastern Bulgaria, but covers a larger area in Turkey where the mountains run down to Istanbul. On the grassy hills seen sheep that graze while sunburnt shepherd and his hard-working dog takes care that nothing happens to the animals. The mountains are worth visiting either on horseback or on foot. It is idyllic to see the hen running around in the dusty streets and hear a goat stand and bleat. Mountains are also suitable for cycling.

Excursions to the ancient historical cities


19 km north of Primorsko is the old historic town of Sozopol as far back as 610 f Kr was founded by the Greeks. Rent a car or take the bus there and go for a walk through the picturesque town. Especially the old town is really worth a visit. Take time for a lunch or refreshments at one of the original Bulgarian restaurants that are built into the hillside next to the water, it is an unforgettable experience. You will after this experience with warranty wish you back to Bulgaria for holidays to come. You feel really carried back to the original Bulgaria.


This ancient city is also founded by the Greeks and situated about. 80 km north of Primorsco. The city is definitely worth spending a day on. Take time in the old town to find a truly original Bulgarian restaurant and enjoy a shopska salad and a glass Rakia (Bulgarian brandy). After an eventful day trip it is relaxing to return to your apartment in northern Primorsko — the quiet part of town. Here you can enjoy the sound from the sea not drowned out by the pulsating nightlife of the downtown. However, if you decide to take a good night drink in town you can walk there in 10 minutes.

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